Rainbow Sprinkle Jars

They could be any color you like!

What’s better than sprinkles… how about mini jars and labels! 🙌😜🌈 ✨🤗⁣ ⁣

Clear glass jars with Wilton cupcake sprinkles

Watkins gluten free rainbow cupcake sprinkles

Baking funfetti cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles

Decorating cupcakes with kids

Decorating a funfetti cupcake with confetti sprinkles

Are rainbow sprinkles gluten free?

Watkins rainbow sprinkles are gluten free, non gmo, contain no corn syrup or aritfical dyes and are made in the USA.

Clear glass jars with Watkins gluten free rainbow cupcake sprinkles

What are rainbow sprinkles made of

The ingredients in Watkins rainbow sprinkles are Sugar, Corn starch, Palm oil, Palm kernel oil, Sunflower letchin, Natural flavors, Colored with Spirulina, Riboflavin, Vegetable juices and Annatto, Carnauba wax.