Zip Vinyl & Mesh Pouches

Zipper Pouches
@orderandbliss When packing for vacation, my entire carry on was lined with these. Yours will be too.
Product Details
Width 10"
Height 7-5/8"
Color Aqua Clear Mesh
Item No. 11001110
Brand The Container Store

A durable alternative to Ziplock bags

A little back story first, when I was shopping for this Craft Closet. I was looking for the perfect item for her daughter’s little games and bead sets.

I was so close to finishing up the project but nothing was quite right. I always loved Ziploc (but let’s be honest, they’ve changed) and in my opinion, these are the next reliable Ziploc. Any item I have kept in a Ziploc in the past is now in one of these. Except for perishable food items, but you never know!

When I went on vacation, my entire carry on was lined with these.

I wouldn’t go as far to say they have changed my life or anything but I’m so impressed with how they’re made and their functionality. Plus, I spilled coffee on one of them and it wiped right off. Now tell me this isn’t the pouch of the future. You couldn’t convince me. No way!

Another space I organized shortly after had a lot of board games. I mean a lot of board games. Maybe you are curious where they all went… well I’ll tell you. Right in these pouches. Game changer- literally!

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