The Home Edit Large Berry Bin

@orderandbliss Not one pack of strawberries, two or more.
Product Details
Color Clear
Width 6 in
Depth 12 in
Height 4 1/4 in
Item No. 10080423
Brand The Home Edit by iDESIGN

The Home Edit Large Berry Bin

When the quarantine began, one of the first things on our list was to get a working kitchen sink. It had been a few months without one and man am I so thankful we did. You truly don’t appreciate your sink until it’s gone. Now I’m shining this bad boy every night like it’s a part-time job! ✨⁣

Here’s a little demo of the new large berry bin from @idlivesimply and @thehomeedit. They are so gorgeous and can hold ALL THE BERRIES! 🍓⁣

My tips:⁣

  • Only wash your berries if you are going to use them within two-three days.⁣
  • If not, simply place them in your bin and wash as you need them.⁣
  • Don’t cut them up until the day you are going to eat them. ⁣
  • I place a dry paper towel under the strainer to catch the water. It keeps my bin dry and the water away from my fruit.

Show Me the Berries

Show Me the Fridge


From The Home Edit by iDesign, these sleek refrigerator bins can be the secret to smart food storage. Each includes a removable drainage tray to keep moisture away from produce, preserving the freshness of berries and delicate fruit. You can even use the insert as a full-size colander for easy rinsing. Perfectly modular to make the most of shelf space, these organizer bins are completely clear so contents are always viewable. Each bin is also extremely durable. Whether used with or without lids, these food storage bins can be stacked securely with other pieces from The Home Edit Collection and can be used in both the refrigerator and freezer. Please hand-wash only.

  • Made from exceptionally durable clear Resipreme plastic
  • Drainage tray removes for easy cleaning or for use as a full-size colander; NOT dishwasher-safe, please hand-wash
  • Modular and stackable with or without removable lid; fits counter-depth refrigerators
  • Only at The Container Store
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