Plastic Divided Packet Organizer

@orderandbliss I love the versatility in this organizer. The 6 little compartments are great for organizing tiny things such as beads and buttons.
Product Details
Color Clear
Width 6.5 in
Depth 9.6 in
Height 2.2 in
Item No. 59930
Brand iDesign
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PACKET DISPENSER: Packet organizer is great for holding and sorting your sugar packets, sweeteners, tea bags, spices, salt packets, pepper packets, ketchup packets, mustard packets, and other condiments. Ideal for use in kitchen cabinet, pantry, or on counter tops, dining tables, or besides coffee makers, stovetops, or microwaves
DIVIDED CONTAINER: 6 compartments for separating packets allows for easy storage
STURDY: Ribbing detail prevents items from sliding
DURABLE: Clear, durable plastic construction for years of quality use
IDEAL SIZE: Packet organizer measures 6.5“ x 9.5“ x 2.25“, perfect for your home