June 28, 2021

Wes loves bath time and Mom loves TubbyTodd!

I started using @tubbytodd right after having our fourth baby! Every other product I tried just made his delicate skin worse. It was frustrating.⁣
Tubby Todd was the only product that worked consistently. My oldest started using it as well and it finally cleared his eczema. I was sold. ⁣

Over the last few years, TT has become more than just our favorite lotion and bubbles. ⁣

I’m still working on trying every product they offer but these I love to recommend and gift! ;) ⁣

  • Everyday Lotion⁣
  • Hair and Body Wash⁣
  • Conditioner ⁣
  • Dream Cream⁣
  • All Over Ointment ⁣
  • Nipple Balm⁣
  • Toothpaste ⁣
  • Chapstick⁣
  • Hand Sanitizer⁣

    Having this lotion with my firstborn would have saved me years of trying products that didn’t work! Mamas and Daddy’s need to know! 🤍


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