Gluten Free Pantry

Do you or someone in your family choose to eat differently?

The gummy bears are fair game! 😋

Maybe it’s not as much a choice, as it’s a necessity… a food allergy or several? ⁣

These teal-lined containers not only look and function great but they serve a purpose. In this pantry, they hold ONLY items that are gluten-free. ⁣

Easily Distinguishable

This pantry was inspired by a boy that needs to eat a little differently than the rest of his family! 

Get Organized

The guesswork is gone and there’s no need to label. Easily distinguishable. From pasta to cereal… it’s ALL safe! Don’t get me wrong, I love labeling items but it’s also very time consuming to customize each piece. ⁣

These are things you can do down the road, but the goal with these bins was to make sure he knew what he could safely eat. The teal provided that without the need to label.

Get organized, make your space fit your needs, try it out, and then focus on the details. 

Is there’s someone in your family that eats differently than the rest of you? How do you keep these items separated? 

Could this be the solution you’ve been looking for?

Gluten-free pantry
Gluten-free pantry
Gluten-free pantry
Gluten-free pantry