Hanger Transformation - Master Closet

Hanger Transformation - Master Closet

This closet transformation is happening and I am giddy over the changes. I’ve waited a long time to have all matching hangers but... it turns out I have to wait a little longer!

Technically, I counted enough but didn’t take into consideration all the tanks and t-shirts I made room for during my #organizemein40days. No biggie, chances are I still have way more than I need. 👎🏻

It’s such a good practice to re-evaluate things before we go and spend more. Its easy to purchase more of something, but it’s both challenging and rewarding to make something work with what you have!

This is a progress shot from this past weekend and if you look closely you can see the black hangers starting to take over. I’m definitely feeling a little bolder, a little braver, and a little brighter! (thanks to my lovely eiffel tower light)

Can’t wait to share the video when it’s all complete! ✨

What space forces you to think outside the box??? (or wallet) 😬

For me it’s the garage- always a challenge to make it work with the little we have spent in that space!

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